Master Program in Technology Management


Our Master Program in Technology Management builds a foundation of technology management theories,
along with relevant departments’ resources, blending academic theory and practice to produce a synergistic
effect that will narrow the gap between academia and the industry.


Our curriculum planning integrates theory and practice with solid faculties from The College of Medicine,
College of Pharmacy, College of Chinese Medicine, College of Public Health, College of Health Care,
College of Biopharmaceutical and Food Sciences and College of Humanities and Sciences.

Our rigorous program improves students’ competitiveness in the workplace, creating multi-angle critical
thinkers through the practical application of skills and interactive case studies our remarkable teaching style offers.

Our curriculum design ensures students enter the workforce, capable of meeting industry needs,
by focusing instruction on three key facets:

1.  Basic theories classes:

These classes give students a solid foundation of technology management skills and knowledge,
in preparation for advanced courses and credits.

2.  Biotechnology classes:

Effective application of biotechnology skills and knowledge, combined with students’
prior experience from basic theories classes, serves as the backbone for Biotechnology classes.

3.  Industry classes:

In addition to the classes above, Industry Classes require students to serve internships or
take classes with professionals in related fields.

Enrollment Timeline

Our first enrollment for of Master Program in Technology Management begins in 2018.
The first enrollment for the first year is five students total.