Center for Humanities and the Arts

China Medical University established the Center of Humanities and the Arts in August of 2006 to
strengthen students’ humanities and the arts literacy. We promote art shows and activities with
the goal of art cultural education. We have hosted various performances including art, world music,
modern drama and modern dance since its establishment.

In addition to provide better exhibition space for artwork, The Center of Humanities and the Arts relocated
to the Shui Nan campus in August of 2017 to expand opportunities for the entire school to participate in artistic activities.
Additionally, we continue to extend our artistic spirit to nearby neighbors, sharing our enjoyment of art with the public.

In the future, The Center for Humanities and the Arts in The College of Humanities and Sciences will shape Shui Nan
campus to attract talent by combining systems, curriculum and activities.

By showcasing our wide offering of signature programs, local humanities and historical exhibitions, and local art center,
we engender innovation, yet remain reverent of past historical value, as the Humanities and Arts Education at
China Medical University flows forward, establishing the unforgettable glory of Shui Nan campus,pioneering into
new ground for all.