Language Center

To freshmen in CMU,

Welcome our school to begin an amazingly rewarding journey.

The Language Center would like to invite everyone to our wonderful language classes, activities and lecture series during your time at CMU.

Since 2017, the College of Humanities and Sciences has been providing students more flexibility to select classes,
in order to achieve a student-oriented learning environment. Here is the rule of English proficiency tests:

Implementation Regulations for China Medical University Student English Proficiency Tests

Students can waive 6 credits of English Speaking and Listening classes if they pass their own departments’
extracurricular official English proficiency tests, which include but are not limited to the GEPT, TOEIC,
TOFEL, IELTSor others recognized by the school before enrollment or during their first two  academic years.

Language Center in College of Humanities and Sciences

Language Center Location

English Corner/ 3rd Floor of Li-Fu Lecture Hall

Multimedia classroom/ 5th Floor of Li-Fu Lecture Hall

Administrative office of Language Center/ 5th Floor of Li-Fu Lecture Hall


We cooperate with The Teaching Resources Center in Central District of Taiching City to offer various language classes.
The advanced-level courses include extracurricular English proficiency tests preparation courses for TOEIC,
TOEFL and IELTS,as well as Free Talks in English, TED Talks, English- language Debates and English Writing Clinics.
Furthermore,we offer multi-language courses,including Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesiam,  Thai or Medical Taiwanese.


We organize lectures related to languages and culture as well as schoolwide language contests,
such as foreign language singing contests,English microfilm contests, English writing competitions,
foreign students paper-cutting, spring festival,couplets activities, cultural field trips,English drama performances, etc.