Center for Technology in Education

The Center for Technology in Education, of the College of Humanities and Sciences, aims to enhance students’
science literacy, promoting science education and activities. We assist all departments to promote Basic Science,
Applied Science, Technology Application, Information Technology and General Science Education.
We help students develop diverse scientific, technological views along with a more solid foundations of basic academic
training in response to the development of technology and academic trends.
Our students will be well-prepared to utilize science and technology to excel upon entering the workforce.

Service & Function

1. To design science education courses meeting the school’s development objects

2. To assist professional relating departments to design basic science courses

3. To hold scientific speeches or exhibitions

4. To plan Information Technology courses to enhance information literacy

Curriculum Category

Information Technology, Basic Science, Life Science and Applied Science, etc.

About Curriculum of Information Technology

To enhance the student’s information literacy, freshman must finish two credits of information technology-related courses before graduation, since 2017.